Sterile technique : Key concepts and practices
Sterile technique : Key concepts and practices
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The purpose of this study guide and accompanying video is to provide information to perioperative staff members on key concepts and practices for establishing and maintaining a sterile field.\\After viewing the video and completing the study guide, the participant will be able to:\ 1.Define sterile technique.\ 2.Identify the parameters of a sterile field.\ 3.Describe practices that reduce the spread of infection when preparing or working in a sterile environment.\ 4.Discuss the importance of monitoring the sterile field.\ \This video and accompanying study guide address the following topics:\ •Micorbiology Review\ •Practices to Reduce Transmissible Infections\ •Selection of Surgical Gowns, Gloves, and Drapes\ •Use of Sterile Technique When Gowning and Gloving\ •Sterile Drapes\ •Preparing a Sterile Field\ •Introducing Items to the Sterile Field\ •Monitoring the Sterile Field\ •Moving in and Around the Sterile Field\ •Education, Training, and Quality Assurance.
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